Move and Work by Malene Birger

Malene Birger, a beacon of creativity and timeless elegance, is celebrated as a renowned fashion designer and the force behind her own brands, including By Malene Birger. Beyond fashion, her passion for enduring design and traditional craftsmanship shines through, both in her personal living spaces and professional endeavours.

This captivating book offers a privileged glimpse into three of her homes, each a treasure trove of interior design inspiration. Birger also provides an exclusive look into her Copenhagen showroom, an integral part of her new venture, BIRGER1962. This creative hub is dedicated to design, interior decor, and art, serving as a wellspring of ideas for those seeking to tastefully transform their living spaces.

With a life marked by frequent moves, both personal and professional, Malene Birger demonstrates the art of reimagining interiors and making bold statements with existing furnishings. Her homes are a masterful blend of vintage and contemporary, artisanal craft and modern design, enriched by art and cross-cultural influences. Having lived in Mallorca for six years before relocating to London in 2013, Birger’s journey is a testament to her ability to infuse fresh life into every space she inhabits.


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