Welcome to Loam. A destination store for all things design, specialising in contemporary Australian and modern European furniture and homewares. Loam is a curated space for the emotive and tactile relationship between design and the individual.

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Loam is the love project of one of the State’s leading architects, David Hillam, who is well known in the industry for his award winning residential architecture.

A platform which aims to elevate Australian design – both nationally and internationally, Loam contributes to the ever evolving design conversation through a considered collection of authentic brands.

A key ethos of our store is the support of Australian design and manufacture. Brands associated with Loam including Oath, invite WA furniture designers such as Jack Flanagan and Nathan Day to collaborate on custom made, locally produced designs for the store. A synergy that will continue long into the future of Loam. Australian brands from the east, not previously seen in Perth, also feature, expanding the local conversation.

A collection of international brands, with their own niche aesthetic, have been carefully selected delivering a unique range of beautiful and curious furniture, gift ware and lighting. Brands have been chosen on the basis that they each represent authentic design stories  which differentiates them from other major ‘players’ in the market and resonate with the aspirations of Loam.

Our approach is to be associated with pieces that last, which are crafted in preference to the mass-produced and highlight the importance of quality and longevity replacing the temporary and disposable.