Morey Dining Table – Solid Ebonised Jarrah

Crafted entirely from timber of the same tree, the Morey table showcases ancient ebonised Jarrah. A book matched top forms from two consecutive slabs, while the base derives from off-cut pieces or a third piece. This rarity yields a truly exceptional outcome. The Morey is hand-stamped with the piece’s name, number, and year of creation.  This table is sure to elevate the aesthetic of a dining area.

The design allows a generous 500mm wide chair to seamlessly tuck on all sides, ensuring a perfect balance of spacing and legroom.

Style and Detail:
– Modern Minimalism, embracing clean lines that define contemporary elegance.
– Detail in every curve with soft bevelled edges and rounded corners, adding a touch of finesse.
– Subtle tapers with elegant lines that add depth and dimension.

Custom dimensions are also offered, along with options in American Oak and Walnut.

The Ancient Ebonised Jarrah story

Sourced from a Busselton property, the ancient Jarrah holds immense significance, originating from some of Western Australia’s largest and most remarkable trees. Despite Jarrah’s typical red hue, Nathan’s mission was to redefine its appearance. He utilised the ebonised finish and transformed this timber.

Ebonising isn’t mere black staining; it’s an age-old technique English furniture makers employed to emulate expensive timbers like ebony. By reacting iron acetate (from steel wool and vinegar) with timber’s tannins, Jarrah’s high tannin content induced a strong reaction, darkening the wood to a deep brown/black. The beauty lies in retaining natural undertones and tonal variance.


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