Millipede Console – Solid Ebonised Jarrah

The Millipede Console is a modern entry statement that redefines elegance. Its distinctive form captivates with repeating lines, creating a visual masterpiece that’s bound to catch the eye.

Handcrafted with the highest quality, the Millipede showcases bullnose mitre joinery where the legs meet the top, showcasing the beauty of expert craftsmanship. Soft edges and rounded corners add a touch of sophistication to this remarkable piece.

Named after its design inspiration, the Millipede boasts numerous legs that give it a unique character. Handcrafted from ancient ebonised jarrah, the console is a testament to the timeless allure of wood.

Measuring 2000x350x820mm (10 legs), the Millipede is a striking addition to your space.

More than a furniture piece, the Millipede embodies the ethos of resourcefulness, ensuring every inch of precious timber is celebrated.

The Ancient Ebonised Jarrah story

Sourced from a Busselton property, the ancient Jarrah holds immense significance, originating from some of Western Australia’s largest and most remarkable trees. Despite Jarrah’s typical red hue, my mission was to redefine its appearance. Utilizing the ebonised finish, I transformed this timber.

Ebonising isn’t mere black staining; it’s an age-old technique English furniture makers employed to emulate expensive timbers like Ebony. By reacting iron acetate (from steel wool and vinegar) with timber’s tannins, Jarrah’s high tannin content induced a strong reaction, darkening the wood to a deep brown/black. The beauty lies in retaining natural undertones and tonal variance.


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