Arent & Pyke: Interiors Beyond the Primary Palette

Explore the world of Arent & Pyke’s distinctive decorative modernism in their debut book, “Interiors Beyond the Primary Palette.” This captivating volume delves into the design ethos of Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke, renowned for their focus on the psychology of space. With expertise in nuanced tones and arresting material pairings, the book showcases 18 projects, revealing the duo’s signature style that balances color and materiality. Each of the projects include paint names, fabric brands, key learnings and insights into how these spaces were created. Titled “Interiors Beyond the Primary Palette,” the book serves as a visual journey into the joy, character, and alchemy that define Arent & Pyke’s thoughtful approach to interior design, offering insights, key learnings, and a celebration of spaces that evoke a sense of grounding, comfort, and freedom.


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