Loam was thrilled to once again collaborate with MAEK on their newest project, the stunning Watkins Residence in Dalkeith.

Craftsmanship, materiality and structure with a clear monochromatic palette for the exterior and interior informed our selections and made for an easy process of alignment.

The decision to work with Loam on this project came down to the client’s love for Loam’s aesthetic.

Furniture and homewares selections deliver a considered consistency throughout the residence. Referencing the minimalist approach to architecture whilst adding some drama with texture on texture and layering of the colour palette. This is evident with our grazia&co Agent 86 Curved Sofa in navy alpaca velvet sitting alongside Fogia’s Bollo Armchairs in patterned fabric, adding a hint of colour to balance the monochromatic palette, and an element of warmth to the bright living space.

The finished results across exterior & interiors are of a timeless yet detailed contemporary elegance.

Photography by Dion Robeson.


Agent 86 Curve Sofa – Alpaca Velvet                   Bollo Easy Chair – Raf Simons Ria 281

Ivy Coffee Table – Manhattan Grey                        Calibre Side Table Low

Vulca Vase                                                                       Gathered Dining Table – Black

Hoy Casted Candle Holders                                     Sepal Dining Chairs 

Grove Marble Dish – Forest Green                         Tula Vase – Large



Iva Stools                                                               Press Vase – Medium

Sepal Dining Chair                                             Tea Pot Collage

Resin Rock Jug – Sandy Pearl                      Cheese Paddle No.4 – White Oak

Anse Pot