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Iconic and sleek, with neo-vintage styling, Tiki has secured its place in the Scandinavian design landscape. A collection beyond comparison, designed by Andreas Engesvik, the iconic Tiki is visually simple with a high level of comfort. Tiki has a feather light, yet informal expression, made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. 

Tiki Sofa in Vintage Leather – Pilbara

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Tiki Sofa in Vintage Rangers Leather

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Tiki combines minimalism with welcoming warmth, making it especially suited to open spaces.

The simplicity of the Tiki 3-seat sofa is matched by deeply comfortable seating and slim metal legs that create a feeling of lightness.

It is a quiet classic, made to keep its good looks over the years.

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The Designer behind the Tiki

Andreas Engesvik

Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik is one of Fogia’s most prolific collaborators. At the helm of his eponymous studio since 2010, he is the creative mind behind our much-loved Tiki, Dini, Bollo and Barba designs.

Engesvik’s discerning eye has played a significant part in shaping contemporary Scandinavian design today and nurturing future talent.

Dimensions – 3 seater

Width: 236cm
Depth: 93cm
Height: 77cm
Seat Height: 40cm
Seat Dept: 58cm
Volume: 2.38m3


Our sofas, armchairs and stools are handmade to order in our own factory, based in Gdansk, Poland. Every design goes through extensive research and development in collaboration with the designer and the skilled makers handling each piece – ensuring beautiful, sustainable and well-built pieces of integrity. We work with materials and fabrics of uncompromising high standards, and the feathers, down and leathers we use in Fogia’s upholstery are all repurposed bi-products from other industries. 

The Sitting Experience

Tiki feels super comfortable and supportive with a slightly upright sitting position. Its back and seat cushions are made from a combination of down, feather and blended fibres which we think is the perfect mix for lounging, sitting or lying in relaxation.

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